My Small Kitchen Before and After

My Small Kitchen Before and After

kitchen before
kitchen view

My kitchen was the first room I tackled when I moved in.  It was in dire need of some TLC.  The flooring was old linoleum, the cabinets were too dark only to be illuminated by harsh fluorescent lighting. The appliances were in decent condition so I sold them to put towards some new ones.

A Change Gonna Come

A fresh coat of Behr Polar Bear white paint on the cabinets made a world of difference in this small kitchen. I added a touch of bling with the hardware as well. The total amount spent on paint and hardware was around $140. That’s a pretty dramatic difference for not a lot of money.

Replacing the fluorescent lighting with brand new fixtures elevated the space.  I spent a total of $120 on all 3 brand new light fixtures.

The new solid oak flooring and stainless steel appliances were where I spent the most money, but I ended up saving a ton of cash by not replacing my cabinets or changing the configuration.  I also ended up saving close to $1000 by purchasing my appliances on black friday.

Island Living

kitchen island
ikea kitchen island

I got this great kitchen island from IKEA that was perfect for the dining nook.  It functions as storage, counter space and seating.

Opening Up The Space

open shelvingRemoving a cabinet and adding open shelving helped to open up my small kitchen so I wouldn’t feel closed in while doing the dishes. I ended up getting the wood for the shelves for free and they miraculously fit the space perfectly.  No cutting whatsoever.

The space not only looks a million times better, it feels a lot larger.  I eventually hope to add some subway tile to the backsplash and maybe replace the countertops when I have the budget for it. But for now, I love cooking in my small kitchen.

kitchen before and after

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20 Replies to “My Small Kitchen Before and After”

  1. Wow, I thought you replaced the countertops, too! Great job utilizing your resources, the kitchen is gorgeous. 🙂 You can always try that peel and stick subway tile, it’s supposed to be pretty good and inexpensive!

      1. The counters are actually the same. I got lucky because the previous owners continued the granite backsplash behind the original range. So glad I didn’t have to redo them lol.

    1. We did peel and stick tile in our kitchen for a backsplash under the cabinets and it’s great. Nobody guesses its vinyl, truly. They didn’t have the white subway style when we got ours and I’d love to use that somewhere. I highly recommend it!

  2. Super job that goes to the top in my inspiration files! Oak flooring look (unfortunately not solid wood) throughout my small house is my first necessity and goal and my biggest expense. But painting almost the same oak cabinets white is my next step for my small kitchen. Already did the lights et al for few bucks, appliances are don (except for dishwasher) and new countertop will be budget-friendly. Removed a cabinet on one side of my corner sink with 2 windows and have a nice wall to play with. Your kitchen is so sophisticated yet inviting on a small budget, some designers should take lessons. Thanks too for doing what so many including many designers don’t do: Taking before and after shots from the same angle so that one can get the full impact. Great job!

  3. Wow, congratulations on getting the biggest bang for your buck and making your kitchen look absolutely awesome. Now that your kitchen is painted white the counter tops look great too. For a backsplash I used a wonderful Home Depot product called Fasade which added a bit of bling to my tiny kitchen. Thank you for also sharing the price points.

    1. I didn’t change them. They’re the same exact ones. They probably look different because the surrounding cabinets are a lot brighter.

  4. I LOVE the white, I’m so afraid to tackle that. Did you roll, brush or spray the paint. I’m just afraid, I’d screw up, then what?? You did a wonderful job, the harware accents the white,really fancy.

    1. I used a roller primarily. Spraying is way too messy for my taste lol. I also used a brush for the hard to reach corners and trim.

  5. Hi Tim. Love this website. Could you tell me where the couch that you see first thing when I open your website is from? It is beautiful. Thanks.

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