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Purge Before Packing

Before you shove everything into a closet, check to see if you really need it. Is it still useful? Can it be repurposed? Does it bring you joy?

The 5 Second Rule

When deciding whether or not to keep something, make a decision within 5 seconds. This will keep your decisions quick and instinctive.

Everything In Its Place

Have a home for everything you own. ¬†Most spaces are messy because there are too many objects that don’t have a place to reside.


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Pantry Perfection

In America we tend to waste a lot of food. We're all guilty at one point or another of storing ...
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Minimalism Doesn’t Mean Your Home Has to Look Like a Barren Wasteland

When you think of the word minimalism, it probably conjures up images of sterile white rooms with a single piece ...
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