Hate Gold? Decorate With Copper Accents

Hate Gold? Decorate With Copper Accents

copper accents

I love copper.  It’s like the masculine version of gold and the rustic alternative to stainless steel. But boy is it expensive.  And there are a lot of imposters out there.

Look at the color first

Real copper boasts a rosy brown shine that is difficult to recreate with spray paints or plastic films.  Even when it has a brushed finish, it will still catch the light and glitter in a way that most faux finishes can’t replicate.   As it ages it can develop a really beautiful patina with flecks of green and brown. Faux copper will not develop this patina because it is usually a generic metal like steel with a reddish film on top or it is simply spray painted on.  Also many faux copper finishes can look too pink sometimes which could work for you depending on the application. There is certainly nothing wrong with having faux finishes especially if you can’t tell the difference, but make sure you don’t spend a lot of money on something that you think is real copper only to find out that it isn’t.

To spray or not to spray

Copper spray paint will not really give you the exact look of copper, but it can still give you a really cool copper-like finish.  It is a more matte finish with a slight sheen depending on what you spray it on.  Nonetheless, be careful when using spray paints to create your metal looks because it can end up looking tacky when used in excess.  For me personally, I think gold spray paints are more successful than copper spray paints at imitating their respective metals.

Where to use it

Copper looks amazing against dark walls especially dark gray or navy. Use this combination for more masculine applications like bachelor pads.  New copper has a tendency to look a little pink when placed against white backgrounds which works well if you want to add some femininity to a space. When it has weathered and oxidized a little, the patina reduces the rosiness which can be great for more rustic spaces or industrial spaces.

recording studio

Where to find it

I have found a lot of affordable copper accessories and decor at Target (lamp shown above) and TJ Max.  You can also look for older pieces at thrift stores and restore them. My friend recently snagged a vase for me that was covered in green oxidation. I cleaned it off by using a solution of vinegar, flour and salt.  Many “copper” items you buy at retail stores are copper plated or are sprayed with a copper finish.  They are usually not the real thing. This is completely fine if you want your copper accents to look new forever.  But if you want the natural patina and aging, you might have to look a little harder and it will cost you a little more.

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