Affordable Gift Wrap Hacks

Affordable Gift Wrap Hacks

Gift wrap
Hearth and Hand wrapping paper from Target

Christmas is just around the corner so here are some gift wrapping hacks to make the holidays a little less expensive.

Make Your Own Tags

I used some leftover mat board from some artwork I was framing and I made my own gift tags.  All I did was trim the corners and punch a hole.  Then using a gold marker I hand lettered the tag.

gift tag

Save Packaging

If you’ve ever purchased a blanket or a set of curtains from Target, you know that they wrap everything in this awesome gray ribbon.  I ended up saving a bunch of it and used it for my holiday gift wrapping. I also saved and reused gift boxes from previous years which are very easy to flatten and store away. These were great for gifts that didn’t come with their own boxes or packaging.

gift wrap items
On the right: Reused gray packaging ribbon from Target

Use Nature

gift wrapping with plantsGift wrap with plant

Take some clippings of plants and incorporate them into your gift wrapping. This adds a really fresh detail that will show thoughtfulness and is very simple to do. One thing is to keep in mind is that certain plants will wither more quickly than others. So add these details closer to when you plan on giving the gift.  I used lavender from my backyard, but you can use clippings from pine trees, holly, spruce etc.

After Christmas Sales

I remember the first year I started buying gift wrap for the holidays, I ended up spending a lot of money particularly on things like ribbon, cards, and gift tags.  It wasn’t until last year, that I finally figured out why so many people buy holiday stuff after Christmas.  This isn’t really a big secret or anything, but post Christmas sales are amazing.  Last year, I ended up purchasing 10 rolls of ribbon for the price of one at Target.  I even got a bunch of gift tags for $1. As a result, I didn’t have to buy any of those things this year.  All I did was purchase wrapping paper.

Christmas tree

That’s it for now. Hope you save a ton of money this season.  Happy Holidays!

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